What wins enterprise: open-source or OpenAI?
Part I: Do we want a mediocre human or a better machine?

January 2023

Initiating manhood in a new season of life

September 2022

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love SaaS

July 2022

A non-comprehensive look at the DeFi Landscape

April 2022

Actionable Insights from Studying SpaceX's First Investor

February 2022

We don't organize companies this way. Will DAOs be different?
Lessons 3: Cutting Out Excess to Create an Effective Presentation

January 2022

Lesson 2: "What Is" and "What Could Be"
Lesson 1: You are not the Hero

November 2021

I used to think Christians were stupid. I grew up in Colorado Springs, a deeply conservative area in Colorado home to Pikes Peak, the Air Force Academy…

July 2021

There is a dream to build a society where every person, no matter their background or starting point, has equal access or opportunity for wealth. There…